Admin & Web App Features

Explore the powerful functionalities of the eIFUApp, offering seamless management tools within the dashboard and user-friendly features in the web app, ensuring effortless document access and compliance.


  • User Management: Control access efficiently.
  • Document Organization: Effortlessly oversee documents.
  • Business Unit Streamlining: Manage units seamlessly.
  • Bulk Document Upload: Rapidly upload multiple documents.
  • Insightful Analytics: Access comprehensive insights.
  • Personalized Settings: Customize to preferences.
  • URL Redirections: Manage for optimal access.

Web App

Web App
  • Document Search: Find documents effortlessly.
  • URL Sharing: Share with unique URLs.
  • Details, Revisions, Updates: Access comprehensive document insights.
  • Stay Updated: Receive document updates.
  • Swift Downloads: Obtain documents swiftly.
  • Region & Language Filters: Tailor search preferences.
  • Multilang Support: Access docs in multiple languages.

Effortless Control. Seamless access. Elevate your document management experience with our powerful dashboard and intuitive web app!